vom Weissen Unterberg
– companion & sport –
White Swiss Shepherds & Miniature Poodles
Švicarski beli ovčarji & miniaturni kodri

Welcome, puppies!

The miracle of life, tiny little paws are born. ♥️

IGP3 done again!

Quant did it again!

Puppy plan

- pričakovani mladički -

MINIATURE POODLE // Pritlikavi koder (pudelj)

WHITE SWISS SHEPHERD // Švicarski beli ovčarji

summer/fall 2023

About us

.. we are “crazy dog lovers”, but otherwise a pretty normal family! 

Dogs are part of our life and accompany us almost everywhere we go. While we love to be active we do all kinds of dog sports,  but our main focus is on agility, FCI Obedience and tracking in which we are a regular participant in competitions home and abroad.

–  Our moto –

No challenge is too big and no goal to high to reach it and make our dreams come true!

vom Weissen Unterberg

White Swiss Shepherds & Miniature Poodles

… micro, family kennel vom Weissen Unterberg, based in Slovenia, Europe.
Healthy, temperament stable, working type of White Swiss Shepherd & Miniature Poodle who is a great & loyal companion and maintains working and sporting capability is the main goal of our breeding.



Sport & work

We are sports enthusiasts, we love to be outside, in nature, do all kinds of sports and no wonder we chose breeds that match our personalities!

White Swiss Shepherds enjoy action and are easy to teach, they are working and sporting dogs with capability for all round education.
As well Poodles are intelligent dogs, constantly alert and active, capable of learning and being trained for all kinds of sports and activities.


..we start to play already with puppies, with a specially designed puppy training program all “work” and socialization is done through play.
All our adult dogs are active, in regular training, doing sports and activities we all enjoy. This is why we have only as many adult dogs as we can keep busy and in regular training.

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