Expecting BB puppies!

Expecting BB puppies!
We are proud to introduce our mating, puppies expected in early February 2016! 
We have high hopes, expecting high potencial in work and shows. Father is a IPO3 dog coming from famous working german lines. His character is one of the best in BBS world, calm, relaxed, perfect companion, but at work he explodes.  
On the other side our Bela (Olina Fliegeland) is once in a lifetime dog! She is a very playful, young female, always ready for action, with great working drive and stable character. She already proved herself in obedience competitions, as well as in show rings.
Both parents are super healthy, both HD:A, ED:0, MDR1:+/+, DM:free! 

SLO: V začetku Februarja 2016 pričakujemo mladičke! Več informacij tukaj.



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