Some words about work with puppy… and happy 4 months our little boy!

Some words about work with puppy… and happy 4 months our little boy!

We strongly believe first 16 weeks of dog’s life has great impact on dog’s life later on. All start with the breeder! While we are also breeders we know how much added value a breeder can add and how well you can prepare puppies for a big world. We are more than happy Quantum came with great foundations (thank to his respectable breeder, our dear friend Barbara) and we were able to continue the started right after his arrival to our home. 

After publishing this video we got couple of questions about our work. And I would like to add couple of words to make it clear 😉

Me and Primož are not big fans of “normal socialization”. While we are also breeders of White Swiss Shepherds we put great focus to get to used our puppies in our litters on as many new things, people, animals, as possible. But when puppy start to growing up and he is not with his/her litter-mates anymore, our aspect to socialization change a little bit. We do NOT expose growing up puppy/adult dog. Our great focus while we work with puppy is on connection with handler and having fun. Firstly at home in clean environment, later when puppy is ready we do change environment, but environment stays only an echo, the great focus is keep on connection between handler and puppy 🙂

To have a loooot of fun together is our first and main goal while we training with dogs. Also when it comes to puppy in this age we are playing all the time, no matter if we do obedience, first tracking steps, or something else, first and only goal is that puppy have fun! And Quant knows how to have fun! 😀 He is an extraordinary pup with a huge drive. Check the video 😉


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