IPO1 done! ✔️

IPO1 done! ✔️

With less than 2 years of age ‘Quantum’ Ixan Floyd les Trois Baisers today passed IPO1 (96, 75, 88), judge Mr. Ivan Polesnik! ???

Today’s points may not be the best, but I will need to learn, work and master the determination, will and power which Quant has! He is the boy with a strong mind and crazy drives! As well it was the first IPO exam also for me and hopefully, many more will follow!

Thank you once again, Barbara, for this golden boy!  Character, mind and drives like he has are very rare in White Swiss Shepherds world! 
And big thanks to whole training team for all time and support! 

And last but not least, huge thank you Klavdija Žitnik (www.fotografiranje-dogodkov.si) for capturing the moment! I LOVE IT!   


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