Quantum officially became a Therapy Dog!

Quantum officially became a Therapy Dog!

The year 2018 couldn’t end in a better way! ? Primož and Quantum have successfully passed the last exam and Quantum officially became a Therapy Dog! ??‍⚕️??

Thanks to Tačke pomagačke for all the organization and effort you all put into new members and dogs! ?
The program for therapy dogs in Slovenia is thanks to the Tačke pomagačkereally well organized! All dogs first have to pass a test if they are stable and fearless enough to help a different kind of people & kids. After it, they can start work as a trainee under the watchful eye of a mentor and after 25 hours of therapy work in different institutions (hospitals, rehability centers, kindergartens, events,…) they have the final exam.

And not to forget, this is not the only “job” Quantum has… As you all know he has also successfully finished his first IPO1 exam in September this year and since his puppyhood he is one of the best helpers and companion for our doggy guests at Pasja Hiša – varstvo psov & pasji hotel, no matter the sex or age he loves them all and helps them feel like at home during their holidays with us. ??



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