a DDream come true!

a DDream come true!

We always say there is no perfect litter, only hidden information. ? ? But every once in a while an exception makes the rules… ?

From the very start we have called our DD litter a “dream” litter, while it was the very first litter with mummy our of our own breeding – Alfa Anu VWU. But now we can officially say our DD litter is a dream come true! ?❤️
Two boys and two girls ? ? ??(it can not get more equal…) with the sweetest characters you can wish for (and naughtiest! ??), outstanding outer appearance without bigger mistakes! ? And now after perfect health results from Slovenian part of the family, also a Dutch boy got his – Divine Diamond VWU aka Anakin: HD: A/A, ED: 0/0/ and MDR1 & DM free! ?????
Oh, and not to forget the same boy is a Vice Junior World Champion 2018! ? ? And also a Duch Junior Champion! And his brother Dreamer Deus VWU is a Slovenian Junior Champion! ? He is doing agility, obedience and even shepherding! ?

What else to wish for?! They are only 18 months old and I’m sure some talents still need to be found! And to be honest, it will be really hard to repeat the litter like this! But we LOVE high goals, right?! ???

Mummy Alfa Anu VWU & Dreamer Deus VWU


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