Four weeks of FLUFFINESS

Four weeks of FLUFFINESS

When puppies are in the house, time really flies! If the first two weeks are all about cuddling and enjoying every moment with them, after week two the real work start…

Puppies still do not know the fear and we try to make the most of it! They daily meet new people of different ages, also small kids and we love to see them responding so well, wagging with tails and sharing kisses to everyone.

We are super happy how they have responded to our “new toilet”. With this litter we tried for the first time with artificial grass and for now it makes wonders! Hope it stay so till the end!
We also put them in different situations to stimulate their nerves and learn how to overcome and solve different challenges. We have also started going out daily and they love it!  And they of course already learned how to pose and be super cute! 😀



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