Quantum won IGP1 club competition!

Quantum won IGP1 club competition!

Here he is, the Winner of IPO1 / IGP1 club competition 2019! ? Unfortunately today only obedience part was done due to injury of the helper. But Quant did a great job anyway, heeling with full energy no matter the hot weather ??

I really love his energy when working, it is on the same level from the beginning to an end. Heeling was really good and powerful, he did a mistake on sit during march and did a stand instead so we lost 5 points, but I was happy because standing was really fast and correct. Also aports were great, with a lot of energy, but I did a mistake and stand too close to the jump so I have to do a step back otherwise Quant would crash on me. It cost us some points but I’m happy the excersise was great otherwise. In the end  Quantum and I got very good mark and 93 points. Great for our first competition together!

Thank you Mr. Boris Šef for fair judging and lovely critic and KD Ovčar for organization!



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