✅✅✅ IGP3 done! ✅✅✅

✅✅✅ IGP3 done! ✅✅✅

What a journey! Quantum and I have started working together with his 14 months of age and yesterday, just a month after his 3rd Birthday, we passed IGP3 (75, 91, 89) together! ???

A stubborn boy with iron power and will has taught me A LOT! My determination, patience and knowledge is put under question each time we train together, but working with him is a real pleasure too, you just can’t stop his desire!
Now, a huge chapter has closed, a big goal is achieved, but hopefully many new will come.

I would like to thank the whole IGP team of KD Ovčar – without you guys this wouldn’t be possible! Matej Tušek, Igor Stanonik, Rado Pokorn and last but not least my dear Primož, thank you! ♥️
Big thanks also to the judge Mr. Viktor Smrdel for fair judging and nice and inspiring critic.


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