Roxy became the Assistance dog!

Roxy became the Assistance dog!
There are hard and stressful moments but this one is one of the greatest and happiest since we became breeders! Worth of all work and sleepless nights!
Friendly Foxy vom Weissen Unterberg aka „Roxy“ and Gregor yesterday passed the last exam after more than a year of hard training and Roxy became the Assistance Dog! The very first White Swiss Shepherd Assistance Dog in SloveniaNow she has a full-time job to do, to help Gregor in his everyday life, but also a loving and caring owner and his family with 2 little kids and we couldn’t wish her a better home! 
Thank you Tomaž – Pes pomočnik for making all this possible, for believing in Roxy from the first moment, thank you for finding her a great home, thank you for all the work and dedication and thank you for doing what you do! Big respect!
We are so proud of all of you and glad we had the opportunity to put a small piece into this big puzzle. Hopefully, we can do it again soon!
P.s.: This is how our ideal WSS looks like. With purpose in its life. Being a great companion. And able to help people no matter the work task.



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