♀Olina Fliegeland

Pedigree name Olina Fliegeland
Sex Female
Nick name Bela
Date of birth 02. 04. 2013
Pedigree http://www.pedigreedatabase.com/white_shepherd/dog.html?id=2160938-olina-fliegeland
Breeder kennel Fliegeland
Height &  Weight 61cm, 30kg
Hair Long
Health HD A/A, ED 0/0, MDR1 free, DM free, Eyes clear, Heart normal, BAER normal
Sport & Work IPO1, IPO VO, IPO FPr3, FCI OB1, RO1, B-BH
Shows Champion of Slovenia


(IPO1 Olina Fliegeland X IPO3 Gomer la Blankpapilio)


(IPO1 Olina Fliegeland X IPO3 Ley vom Altvilstal)


(IPO1 Olina Fliegeland X IPO3 Iron De l’Esprit du Sud)

  • IPO VO, exam: A:96, B:80, C:88, 15. October 2016, judge: Mr. Miran Marš, SLO
  • IPO 1, exam: A:9o, B:92, C:90, 17. June 2017, judge: Mr. Marjan Polajner, SLO
  • 3rd place at IPO1 Club competition, 4. July 2017, judge: Ms. Mojca Tominc, SLO
  • 3rd place in BBH Club obedience competition, 93 points (5. July 2014), judge:  Mr. Miloš Kovač, SLO, at only 14 months of age
  • BBH EXAM, 95 points, 22. November 2014, judge: Mr. Marjan Polajnar, SLO
  • winner in BBH Club obedience competition, 96 points (4. July 2015), judge: Mr. Roman Höfferle, SLO
  • 2nd place in FCI obedience competition Pordenone, Italy, (22. May 2016), class: Debutanti, judge: Viktoria Varsani, GER
  • 2nd place BBH obedience Club competition, 9. July 2016, judge: Mr. Miran Marš, SLO
  • 3rd place RO1 Club competition, 9. July 2016: 139/150 point, judge: Mr. Miran Marš, SLO
  • 4th place OB1 Hundeschule ÖGV St. Andrä, 23. July 2016, judge: Mr. Christian Steinlechner, AUS
  • IPO FPr1 EXAM, 89 points, 3. September 2016, judge: Mr. Rado Lukanc, SLO
  • IPO FPr3 EXAM, 85 points, 26. November 2016, judge: Mr. Marjan Polajner, SLO
  • 3rd White Swiss Shepherd specialty, CACIB Karlovac, 10.09.2017:  4 years old, working class: Excellent 1/2, CAC, res. CACIB, Best working dog (1/3), 2nd best bitch of the show! 
  • CAC OBALA, SLO, 13. 8. 2016: Open class: Excellent 1, CAC, BOB, selected in final cut of 5 dogs in BIS FCI1, judge: Mrs. Olga Šinko Kupriyanova, SLO
  • CAC TRBOVLJE, SLO, 04. 09. 2016: Open class: Excellent 1, CAC, BOS, judge: Mr. Vito Zambelli, ITA
  • Special show for WSS, CACIB Karlovac, CRO, 25.09.2016: Open class: 1. place Excellent 1/4, CAC, 3rd bitch of show, judge: Mrs. Lisbeth Mach
  • CAC TRBOVLJE, SLO, 30.08.2015: Open class: Excellent 1/3, CAC, BOB, judge: Sinisa Cujan, HR
  • Special show for WSS, CAC Karlovac, CRO, 19.09.2015: Open class: 1. place Excellent 1/4, CAC, judge: Ingo Bortel, GER
  • CACIB LIPICA 1, SLO, 03. 10. 2015: Open class: Excellent 2/3, res. CAC, judge: Luis Catalan, PT
  • CACIB LIPICA 2, SLO, 04. 10. 2015: Open class: Excellent 1/2, CAC, CACIB, BOS, Crufts qualifier, judge: Monika Blaka, AT
  • CAC TRBOVLJE, SLO, 31.08.2014: Open class: Excellent 1, judge: Laurent Pichard, CH

'Bela' Olina Fliegeland <3

Although it is 41st day of Bela’s pregnency, she is staying crazy and totally herself! ? Just LOVE her energy! ❤️

Objavil/a vom Weissen Unterberg Berger Blanc Suisse dne Nedelja, 25. februar 2018

Beach fun <3

Some fun at the beach ??#sportdog #vomweissenunterbergKatja Primož

Objavil/a vom Weissen Unterberg Berger Blanc Suisse dne Nedelja, 01. oktober 2017

Our crazy Bela, love her attitude! ??#workoholic #vomweissenunterbergKatja Primož

Objavil/a vom Weissen Unterberg Berger Blanc Suisse dne Četrtek, 04. maj 2017

Happy 10th Birthday Bela!

Today was your day, your 10th Birthday!

Happy 7th Birthday, Bela! ?

Happy 3rd Birthday BBandits!

BBandits – 5 boys from our BB litter are today celebrating their 3rd Birthday!  ? ??  All 5 are living active family lives in Slovenia and are loved and spoiled to

Bela is grandmum again!

Bela is grandmum again! Huge congratulations to our finish girl Vieno and owner Katia from Tarita’s kennel! ?❤️?? 2 males and 6 females were born ob 29.12.2018 our of combination FI MVA EE MVA

41st day of Bela’s pregnancy

Although it is 41st day of Bela’s pregnancy, she is staying crazy and totally herself!  Just LOVE her energy! ❤️ And can’t wait to meet puppies! Tomorrow we have 2nd ultrasound check. Now

Happy day! We are expecting puppies in March <3

Hard to describe feelings.. happiness, relief, gratefulness, love <3 Now, official, we are expecting our EE litter in the middle of March! Keep fingers crossed!   // SLO: // Wiii

Birthday party

Happy Birthday to our AA & BB litter fur kids! ? ? We were really lucky this year to celebrate on snow, which dogs love the most! We are grateful to have such


Almost Angel vom Weissen Unterberg, who is living in Finland gave birth to little baby girl. Many congratulations to the breeder and all the best to little one! <3

3rd place in IPO1

? Another podium for Bela and Primož, this time 3rd place in IPO1 at Club competition! ? Only 14 days after passing exam IPO1, Bela and Primož went to their

Wuhu, Bela passed IPO1!

? IPO1 (90, 92, 90) ? Bela and Primož did it again! Another working title in the pocket. Damn, I’m soo proud of you two <3 Judge: Mr. Marjan Polajnar.

IPO sport

Happy 4th Birthday Bela!

Happy 4th Birthday Bela! ? ? ? ? ? Our joy, everyday smile, our pride! Eyes that never lies, mind always hungry for more, heart full of unconditional love! Our

Be my Valentine. <3

BAER test

..or hearing test. Congenital deafness (deafness at birth) can potentially appear in any breed, but most common to those with white pigmentation. Although it is not very common to have deaf White Swiss

Winter fun ♡

..with sparkles in eyes, being free ♡ If snow makes us happy, don’t ask about dogs.. they go insane! So innocent, like little kids. They really know how to enjoy

Bela passed IPO FPr3

One more successful exam behind Bela and Primož this year! Today they passed IPO FPr3, tracking exam with 85 points. SLO: Bela in Primož sta uspešno upravila še en izpit v

CACIB Lipica

Aries Ava VWU, puppy from our AA litter was with her owner on weekend international show CACIB Lipica. Although tough competition Ava show her best: CACIB Lipica I: 8.10.2016 Judge:

Special show Karlovac. CRO

Bela and her offspring make us proud again! On Sunday, 25. September, we were at 2nd Special show for Swiss White Shepherds in Karlovac, Croatia and here are results:– Olina Fliegeland:


After almost a year of training Bela and Alfa were ready for first FCI Obedience competition in class 1. FCI Obedience is new discipline in Slovenia and our Katja is one

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