Zoomie’s first agility competition

Zoomie did great yesterday, her first time ever at an agility competition and we were running in A1!

DiDi did it again! 2nd place in agility A1

Her 4th agility competition and 4th time on the podium! ??

Zoomie is Champion of Slovenia!

What a day! ? ? Zoomie finished Slovenian Beauty Champion in style! Winning Best of breed in strong competition of 6 fawn miniature poodles at CAC Opatje Selo! ??

Breeding exam

Juhuhu, Zoomie yesterday passed the breeding exam and got permanent breeding license!


On Saturday at 2x CACIB Lendava 2022 Quant finished his CH Slo with following results

CAC Trbovlje

New week, new show! Zoomie & Quant made us proud again!

DiDi did it again! She is the Winner of Agility A0 in Lesce!

DiDi did it again! She is the winner of A0 Large Agility competition at ŠKD Lesce - Radovljica ???

CACIB Polhograjski Dolomiti

Back on show grounds after more than 3 years/covid/baby break and it felt great! Two times BOB in the family at CACIB Polhograjski Dolomiti!

Perfect health scores!

Yeey, happy news! Gaya Grande is hip & elbow dysplasia free, HD A/A & ED 0/0 ?

Happy 5th Birthday to our DiDi and siblings!

Hey you, sweetest little doggo out there! Stay young & wild...

DiDi won Agility A0 in Naklo!

Woohoo, 1st place and 2 clean runs for DiDi today!

3 new BH exams in the family!

Proud to share the excellent news! Gyro Gal & Gaya Grande vom Weissen Unterberg has done BH exam! Big congratulations to brother and sister and theirs owner Anna & Petra, we are all very proud of you!

Week 6 & 7

Litter II weekly update

Perfect health results!

Happy and proud to share the great news! Gyro Gal vom Weissen Unterberg got perfect health scores: HD: A/A, ED: 0/0 and LÜW:0 ?❤️

2nd place for DiDi in Agility

Yeey, 2nd place on our very first agility competition! Proud of my dream girl!

Week 4 & 5

Litter II weekly update

Search and rescue White Swiss Shepherd

Very very proud on our Search and Rescue boy from GG litter, Gyro Gal VWU aka ‘Tundra‘

Eddie Einstein passed IFH-1 with 100/100 points!

Puppy from our EE litter, Eddie Einstein vom Weissen Unterberg and his owner Grit Oberländer has done IFH-1 with flying 100/100 scores!

Week 2

Puppies are getting bigger and bigger!

Hello puppies

4 girls and a boy were born on Monday afternoon!

Alfa’s belly is growing

It is not a secret that we are counting days to meet the little ones! If you want to follow puppies' development too you are warmly welcomed to Alfa's pregnancy diary

We are expecting puppies!

A hope, a miracle of life, the little paws for a better, happier, more peaceful world. ♥️? Puppies, we can not wait to meet you!

First year very important!

8 weeks old

Have a long, happy life Sky & Billie!

4 weeks old

Hello world, we are 4 weeks old.


Do you also have hundreds and hundreds photos of your dog on the phone?! Or baby?!

Little explorers

We can see and hear you know!

Hello there!

Our twins did some growing.

First portraits

First few days are always challenging with newborn puppies. You never know what might happen...

Hello, a baby girl and a baby boy!

It was a hell of a journey to meet you, but hopefully, our days will be more peaceful now!

How often do you walk your dog?

I wonder, how often do you walk your dog? How many km per day do you usually do?

Oh, puppies!

Puppies are on their way!

WSS grooming

Does WSS shade a lot?

How a typical WSS behave?

How is a WSS in temperament? How they typicaly behave?

Gloria Gea VWU at World Dog Show Brno, CZ

Huge congratulations to Gloria Gea VWU and her owners for a beautiful presentation and critique at World Dog Show in Brno, junior class!

VWU family meeting ’21

Family walk around lake Bled ???‍?‍?‍?

Happy 4th Birthday DD puppies!

Happy happy Birthday my sweet DiDi and all the best to all DD litter siblings! Really a dream litter! ? ????

New stud dog in family!

Finn Firefly vom Weissen Unterberg passed his breeding exam today!

Roxy became the Assistance dog!

Roxy and Gregor yesterday passed the last exam after more than a year of hard training and became the Assistance Dog! The very first White Swiss Shepherd Assistance Dog in Slovenia! ???♥️

Happy 6th Birthday! ♥️

Stay happy, healthy and naughty boys! Hope you all had an amazing day with your owners! ?♥️

Happy 5th Birthday BBandits! ?♥️

Stay happy, healthy and naughty boys! Hope you all had an amazing day with your owners! ?♥️

7 weeks and here are the names

Now we are like a mummy! Eating solid food, drinking water, playing, barking, enjoying time with our ankle Ajs and having fun playing with cats!

4 weeks and first bubble bath

Now we are like a mummy! Eating solid food, drinking water, playing, barking, enjoying time with our ankle Ajs and having fun playing with cats!

2 weeks of happiness ? ?

GG litter vom Weissen Unterbereg is 2 weeks old! All 10 puppies are fully breastfed by mummy Era and loved & taken care by amazing family Groboljsek.

Welcome puppies!

Our GG puppies are here, 5 golden guys & 5 gorgeous girls joined us on 15th October 2020!

Pregnancy confirmed! Puppies expected in October ♥️

Happy, happy, happy! Pregnancy is confirmed! We are expecting puppies in October! ♥️ More information coming soon.

Happy 1st Birthday!

Happy 1st Birthday Foxy, Fast, Fly, Fjord, Floyd, Frida, Fly! ???

Happy 4th Birthday Bandits!

It is already 4 years since our BB litter was born! Litter of 5 naughty boys, who were very special, strong and bold from the first moment on!

What a weekend! Another working title in the family!

After 2 B-BH exams yesterday (Era & Evie from EE litter), today Bacci Bel vom Weissen Unterberg passed the BGH1 exam! Huge congrats to the trainer and owners!

2 more B-BH girls in family

Yesterday, Era Eleonor vom Weissen Unterberg & Eiffel Evie vom Weissen Unterberg passed the B-BH exam! Huge congrats!


Happy and super proud to see our puppies on the field! ??? Aljaž & Dreamer Deus VWU are regularly training shepherding!

✅✅✅ IGP3 done! ✅✅✅

What a journey! Quantum and I have started working together with his 14 months of age and yesterday, just a month after his 3rd Birthday, we passed IGP3 (75, 91, 89) together!

B-BH done

Another puppy in vom Weissen Unterberg family with BH exam! Huge congrats to "Alt" Ebelhart Egon vom Weissen Unterberg and his owners! 

Era Eleonor VWU passed the breeding exam

This sweety passed her breeding exam today! Can't wait what future holds for her!

White Swiss Shepherds have capability for all round education

A joyful and easy to teach working and sporting dog with capability for all round education. High social competence allows for a marked ability to adapt and integrate to all kinds of social events and situations.

Happy Birthday!

Happy 2nd Birthday Diva, Indi, Anakin & Deus!

Alfa has become grandmum for the very first time!

Divine Diamond VWU has become a father for the first time of eight puppies in the kennel Mighty Midget, Netherlands. Four females and four males were born on 25th of


Second show for Era and she once again make us proud! Such a sweet character and a lovely personality she has! Congratulations to all winners! CACIB Bled 1, 22.6.2019 Era

IGP2 done ✔️

On Saturday ‘Quantum’ Ixan Floyd les Trois Baisers and Katja successfully passed IGP2 exam with Very Good grade and 276/300 points (A:93, B:90, C:93)! ??? Judge: Mrs. Mojca Tominc Huge thanks to our

Quantum won IGP1 club competition!

Here he is, the Winner of IPO1 / IGP1 club competition 2019! ? Unfortunately today only obedience part was done due to injury of the helper. But Quant did a

CAC Hrušica

Yesterday was the very first show for our young hope Era Eleaonor VWU. ?It is a joy to see puppies growing up into such lovely adults who handle all kind of

Era is dysplasia free!

Over the moon to share the happy news!!! ? Era Eleonor vom Weissen Unterberg is dysplasia free: HD: A/A and ED: 0/0 ??

Dreamer Deus VWU is a STUD dog

We have a new STUD dog in a family! ??? JCh. Dreamer Deus vom Weissen Unterberg has successfully passed the breeding exam yesterday. Our breeding club fell in love with

We got names!

It is a busy week behind us! We daily visit new places, meeting different people & animals, learn new things and we drive a lot! We are extremely happy how

Week 5 & 6

From white polar bears to little fluffy shepherds, our puppies are growing up! It is almost a week since we travel around and explore new places daily. We love how

Divine Diamond VWU is a STUD!

Woohoo … ??? Divine Diamond vom Weissen Unterberg aka ‘Anakin’ has been approved and got his breeding license from RZWH (FCI). He is living in the Netherlands and is loved by

Happy 1st Birthday EE puppies! ??

Our little pupps are already 1 year old! Time flies so fast! Have a lovely b-day and enjoy your life to the fullest! :*  

Let’s play

Puppies are 4.5 weeks old now. It is time when they learn and play a lot. And it is very important that puppies do not learn to interact only with

Four weeks of FLUFFINESS

When puppies are in the house, time really flies! If the first two weeks are all about cuddling and enjoying every moment with them, after week two the real work


Puppies are growing, the sight and hearing are now fully developed, their walking is more and more secure and they have tried the meet for the first time. And they

Two weeks of CUTENESS

Today is the day 15. Puppies are more and more active. Eyes are open, they already do a couple steps, wag the tail and can hear us a bit. They

One week of LOVE

Just speachless. Enjoying every moment with them.

Day 4

Puppies are gaining weight daily and growing nicely. Yesterday we have started with Bio Sensor program and we are pleased with their first responses. Of course they are still sleeping and

Valentine’s puppies <3

Here they are! Our “little” FFighters, Valentines puppies! ❤️ 5 boys and 2 girls, born on 13th February ? Thank you all involved for being there for us and believing

Dog therapy work

Quantum during his therapy work at University Rehabilitation Institute “Soča” ? and at Centre for Education and Rehabilitation of Physically Handicapped Children and Adolescents “Cirius” Kamnik. To be able to return something back to

Happy 4th Birthday AA pupps!

I do believe in fate and destiny, but I also believe we are only fated to do the things that we’d choose anyway. And I’d choose you over and over

a DDream come true!

We always say there is no perfect litter, only hidden information. ? ? But every once in a while an exception makes the rules… ? From the very start we have called our DD

Happy 3rd Birthday BBandits!

BBandits – 5 boys from our BB litter are today celebrating their 3rd Birthday!  ? ??  All 5 are living active family lives in Slovenia and are loved and spoiled to

45th day and second US check

On Friday (45th day of pregnancy) Alfa had the second ultrasound check and we are blessed that everything looks good and all puppies are developing nicely! Also Alfa is doing fine,

First photos

First photos of our little “FFighters”! ? Can not wait to meet them in person! ❤️ Today is 33rd day of Alfa’s pregnency and she is doing great – staying active, playful and cuddly.

Pregnancy confirmed! Puppies expected on Valentine’s day <3

Wiii! The first milestone is here, the pregnancy is confirmed! Alfa and Quantum are expecting puppies on the Valentine’s day! The first litter with both parents at home makes it

Bela is grandmum again!

Bela is grandmum again! Huge congratulations to our finish girl Vieno and owner Katia from Tarita’s kennel! ?❤️?? 2 males and 6 females were born ob 29.12.2018 our of combination FI MVA EE MVA

Quantum officially became a Therapy Dog!

The year 2018 couldn’t end in a better way! ? Primož and Quantum have successfully passed the last exam and Quantum officially became a Therapy Dog! ??‍⚕️?? Thanks to Tačke pomagačke for all the organization and

Merry Christmas and all the best in New Year!

We wish you all wonderful holidays in the company of your beloved ones and many dog kisses in New Year! ❤️??

Bland Blaez VWU passed B-BH exam!

Wohuuu! Huge congratulations to Maša & Bland Blaez vom Weissen Unterberg who rule the BBH exam today! ????? Another White Swiss Shepherd out of our breeding with working exam! Can not be more proud of such amazing “pups”

Primož become official FCI Tracklayer!

Proud to announce that Primož successfully finished his schooling and become official FCI Tracklayer! We are all looking forward to work even more on tracking field! ?? Many thanks to his mentor

EuroTrip ’18 – meeting family and friends

In October we took a few days off and drove around Europe. We had an amazing trip, have visit 8 countries, did a little more than 5000km and met quite some

Happy to share Quant’s health results!

Quantum’s official results are here: IPO 1, JCh Slo ’Quantum’ Ixan Floyd les Trois Baisers: HD: A/B ED: 0/0 OCD: 0/0 Back: free DM: n/n (not affected) MDR1: +/- (carrier)

Proud breeder! DD litter has perfect health results!

Wuhuuu! We are proud breeders! ? Litter DD X-ray results (Alfa Anu VWU x Ley vom Altvilstal): – Dian Diana VWU: HD:A/A, ED:0/0 – Diva Delilah VWU: HD: A/A, ED: 0/0

IPO1 done! ✔️

With less than 2 years of age ‘Quantum’ Ixan Floyd les Trois Baisers today passed IPO1 (96, 75, 88), judge Mr. Ivan Polesnik! ??? Today’s points may not be the best, but

Dreamer Deus VWU: New Junior Champion of Slovenia!

Guess what?! We have a new Junior Champion of Slovenia in family!  Dreamer Deus VWU, 13months of age, first 3 shows for him, 3x Excellent 1, 3x Junior Winner, 2x

Annual meeting of vom Weissen Unterberg family

Another year, another meeting, new memories made and lots of white kisses accept. We are blessed to call you a “family” <3

Dreamer Deus VWU, Junior Winner and BOS on his first show!

Rainy, but successful day! First show for Deus, but he handled it like a pro! No stress and with a smile on his face!  CAC Trbovlje, 26.8.2018: Dreamer Deus vom

2nd place on World Dog Show in Amsterdam for Divine Diamond vom Weissen Unterberg!

What a news from WORLD DOG SHOW AMSTERDAM!!! Our Dutch boy, Divine Diamond vom Weissen Unterberg aka “Anakin” won 2nd place in Junior Class!!!  We are both overjoyed and honoured

Divine Diamond VWU new Dutch Junior Champion!

Another show, another two wins for our Dutch boy Divine Diamond vom Weissen Unterberg aka Anakin! With only 11 moths of age he become new Dutch Junior Champion! Congratulations to

Very successsful weekend for our offspring!

Divine Diamond vom Weissen Unterberg aka Anakin achieved his very first BOB (best of breed) with only 10months of age on Sunday’s show!  He was 1 Excellent, CAC, Best male

EE litter: final week

The D day has come! Time was running too fast again and for us is way to early to say good bye.. But puppies are ready, new owners excitedly waiting

EE puppies: Volhard test

On Monday puppies were 7 weeks old (49days). With 49 days of age the puppy is neurologically complete and it has the brain of an adult dog and this is

Almost 7 weeks old

Girls, 48 days old: pink, rosa, light rosa, violet, lilac Boys, 48 days old: green, yellow, dark blue, blue, light blue

EE litter: 6th week

Naughty but nice!  Our fluffy balls are growing and time is running like crazy!  I do not even know which day in the week it is! Puppies socialisation is in full

Alfa as a “white dog” on World Championship FMBB 2018

FMBB – World Championship for Belgian Shepherds is behind us. We (Alfa&Katja) spent 3 beautiful days full of sun, high temperatures, crazy wind and hard work as a technical team

Here they are, day 2

All puppies are gaining weight and today we even manage to make their first portraits! Enjoy! 😀 //SLO:// Mladički pridno pijejo ter pridobivajo na teži 🙂 Današnji dan smo izkoristili 

We have puppies! <3

After long night that has extended to late morning we have 11 strong puppies! Yes, 11! 6 boys and 5 girls. After both US checks during Bela’s pregnancy we knew

Alfa won! OB2 here we come!

Woohuuuu! First place and excellent points 293/320 in OB1 class on today’s FCI Obedience competition in Corno di Rosazzo, Italy! ?❤️ And finally we have condition to move up to OB2! ???

Last time all together..

On a thursday we have spent a joyful afternoon in company of our CC puppies. Charlie, Cherry and Candy were last time all together with mummy and daddy and we make

DDream puppies growing up

Our DDream puppies are growing up to handsome girls and boys!? Till now we can be only very happy and proud how well they are doing! All 4 with very open

41st day of Bela’s pregnancy

Although it is 41st day of Bela’s pregnancy, she is staying crazy and totally herself!  Just LOVE her energy! ❤️ And can’t wait to meet puppies! Tomorrow we have 2nd ultrasound check. Now

Happy Valentine’s Day! <3

Happy Valentine’s Day!  // Veselo Valentinovo!    

Happy day! We are expecting puppies in March <3

Hard to describe feelings.. happiness, relief, gratefulness, love <3 Now, official, we are expecting our EE litter in the middle of March! Keep fingers crossed!   // SLO: // Wiii

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Alfa: “Thank you for my present!” ? ? Happy 3rd Birthday to my little mouse and her brothers and sisters from AA litter! <3

Birthday party

Happy Birthday to our AA & BB litter fur kids! ? ? We were really lucky this year to celebrate on snow, which dogs love the most! We are grateful to have such

2nd place for at FCI obedience competition in Prague, CZ

Although “only” very good with 248,5/320 points, I’m super happy with Alfa’s attitude and overall impression! And at the end it was good enough for 2nd place! ?? ? ? It was first

Keep fingers crossed!

Bela and Iron fell in love immediately! It was love on a first sight! Iron is such a friendly sweet boy who charms everyone and also Bela was impressed! He adores

Our CC litter is here! We have 1 boy & 3 girls <3

Happy to share a joyful news with you!  CC litter vom Weissen Unterberg was born on 28th December! We have 3 girls and 1 boy! ????Mummy and puppies are doing great!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy and Successful New Year! ? ?   // SLO: // Želimo Vam miren Božič in veselo in uspešno novo leto! ? ? – vaši Švicarski beli

Quantum passed the BH exam!

? BBH exam done! ? Today ‘Quantum’ Ixan Floyd les Trois Baisers passed his BBH exam with very good 94/100 points and at only 14 months of age under honourable judge Mr. Miran

Quantum 2x Junior Winner, Junior BOB

Quantum came back to show scene with a style! At international show Cacib Vrtojba & Šempeter he won 2 times Excellent 1, Junior Winner and Junior BOB! He meltes heart

Litter CC vom Weissen Unterberg

We are proudly to share happy news with you! We expect new puppies in our kennel on New Years’s eve!   Proud parents are: ❤️ IPO2 Undine vom Altvilstal X IPO3 Ley

Bland Blaez VWU is first time father of 5 adorable puppies in Netherland!

On 24th November 5 puppies (2boys, 3girls) were born in kennel Flashing Jewel in Netherland to mummy Jewel and proud father Bland Blaez vom Weissen Unterberg! More about litter you

Blue Berry VWU passed the BBH exam!

Wohuuu ? Blue Berry VWU has successfully passed BH exam today with only 20months! He is first one with obedience title from our BB litter (Ch Olina Fliegeland IPO1 x Ley vom

Aries Ava vom Weissen Unterberg passed IPO1 exam!!!

??? Wuhuuu!!! As mother as daughter they say! Aries Ava vom Weissen Unterberg passed IPO1 exam! Big congratulation to her owner Jernej and all involved! ???  

Anakin, safe trip and enjoy life in Netherland!

The D day has come.. Have a happy, long, joyful life full of love in the Netherlands our little treasure, Divine Diamond vom Weissen Unterberg aka “Anakin”! <3 We miss you

iRobot Roomba – our best friend.!

Že celih 5 mesecev nam družbo dela nepogrešljiva Roomby in ne znamo si predstavljati dneva, da je ne bi bilo več z nami!   Naša Roomby je tiha, nepogrešljiva pomočnica, ki pospravi prav

Beauregard Berenger VWU passed another exam!

Beauregard Berenger VWU aka ‘Kiba’ being super good boy! He just finished another exam, but what is far more important he has soo much fun with his owner! That is

Quantum celebrate his 1st birthday

Somebody stole our little boy! I remember like it was yesterday, when we brought home this little brave boy.. and now he is all grown up, becoming handsome young man!

Blaez is expecting his first puppies in Netherland

Our young stud Bland Blaez VWU is expecting his first puppies in one of best White Swiss Shepherds kennel in Netherland, Flashing Jewel. Fingers crossed!

Blaez is new Junior Champion of Slovenia!

Wohoo, what a day! Blaez and his owner attended the dog show CACIB Slovenj Gradec and we could not be more happy about the results! Bland Blaez vom Weissen Unterberg,

So confident and independent <3

Look at them, all grown up and ready for advantures of life! I’m so happy and proud to see them shine, so open, independent and selfconfident, but on the other

Week 3: They are just perfect.!

Our dream puppies are already 21 days old. Every time when we have puppies at home feels like time lose its mind. It just spin too fast. Every time I

Hello World  ♡

Hello World. Second week of our lives was full of new adventures! We opened eyes, did first little shaky steps and became quite vocal. We still eat and sleep a

One week young

Our DD puppies are already one week young! They are all growing and developing nicely, all doubled their birth weight. ENS program is in fully progress and all responding really

D a y  3

3rd day of puppies life. They are all growing nicely and all gained weight. Calm and peaceful athmosphere is still lasting and we really like it. Love them all. Pure

We have puppies <3

“You have to dream before your dreams can come true.” -A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Our dream DD litter was born yesterday, 23.7.2017: ? 2 girls & 2 boys ? It is

Alfa enjoys swimming

We are in last week of Alfa’s pregnancy. She is doing fine. Want to rest a little more, she calms down a bit, but short walks are still part of

Alfa. Totally herself ♡

Although today is 53rd day of Alfa’s pregnancy, she is still our little girl, sharing kisses everywhere and to everyone, just LOVE her ♡

Hello little ones <3

Today we did the 2nd US check of puppies. It is 44th day of Alfa’s pregnancy and as vet said everything is as it should be, puppies are developing, Alfa

Getting bigger..

It is 43rd day of Alfa’s pregnancy. She has calm down and doesn’t want to play with pack any more and she is very very hungry! Somehow she figure it our

3rd place in IPO1

? Another podium for Bela and Primož, this time 3rd place in IPO1 at Club competition! ? Only 14 days after passing exam IPO1, Bela and Primož went to their

Handsome boys

Our banditos grew up to handsome gentlemens  In less than a month we expect their little halfbrothers and halfsisters  ?    

Aries Ava VWU new Slovenian champion in beauty!

With only 2 and a half years of age Ava today finished her Slovenian champion in beauty at Internation dogs show CACIB Bled!

Puppies on the way! <3

Words can not describe the happiness we feel now! Alfa is pregnent! We saw little hear beats on the ultrasound. It is dream come true, a “D” litter, dream litter

Wuhu, Bela passed IPO1!

? IPO1 (90, 92, 90) ? Bela and Primož did it again! Another working title in the pocket. Damn, I’m soo proud of you two <3 Judge: Mr. Marjan Polajnar.

CAC Hrušica

After some time, we went to show again! 😛 CAC Hrušica, 28.5.2017: J.Ch Aries Ava vom Weissen Unterberg, 2.5 years old, open class: Excellent 1, BOS, BOB ? Thanks to

Wings for Life

Woohu we did it! ???? Goal achieved, best team and even greater cause! And next year we will run again for those who can’t! ??? #WingsforLife #WorldRun #vomWeissenUnterber #BergerBlancSuisse  

IPO sport
Alfa at International Obedience competition in Italy

With only 2 years of age and 2nd time in OB1, Alfa showed some good work and making us proud again!  Missing excellent grade and OB2 condition for only 1.5 points.

CAC Barje

On Sunday we were at CAC Barje 2017, lovely warm day in nice company, special thanks to honourable judge Ms. Alenka Pokorn!  ‘Quantum’ Ixan Floyd les Trois Baisers, 5.5months, 3rd time shown

Happy 4th Birthday Bela!

Happy 4th Birthday Bela! ? ? ? ? ? Our joy, everyday smile, our pride! Eyes that never lies, mind always hungry for more, heart full of unconditional love! Our

Stud dog

Super proud to introduce new FCI stud dog: ? Bland Blaez vom Weissen Unterberg ?, 15 months of age (Ch. Olina Fliegeland IPO FPr3, IPO VO, OB1, RO1 X Ley

Mond – first WSS Therapy dog in Slovenia!

After a year of traineeship and testing, 25 hours of work under the mentor, Mond and Primož successfully passed the exam and Mond become first White Swiss Shepherd Therapy dog in


International winter show in Celje started perfect for our smal team! 🙂 We entered with 2 boys, for little Quantum was this his very first show and he behaved like a

BAER test

..or hearing test. Congenital deafness (deafness at birth) can potentially appear in any breed, but most common to those with white pigmentation. Although it is not very common to have deaf White Swiss

Some words about work with puppy… and happy 4 months our little boy!

We strongly believe first 16 weeks of dog’s life has great impact on dog’s life later on. All start with the breeder! While we are also breeders we know how much

Happy Birthday AA litter!

Already 2nd birthday of our 6 white Angels! I remember like yesterday, we were counting every day of Bela’s pregnency, and then they come, 6 little miracles, 6 Angels… You

Birthday Party =P

A year just went by in a blink of an eye.. time really flies! Our Banditos celebrated their 1st birthday today! Have a happy, healthy life and make your owners

Winter fun ♡

..with sparkles in eyes, being free ♡ If snow makes us happy, don’t ask about dogs.. they go insane! So innocent, like little kids. They really know how to enjoy

New hope in kennel vom Weissen Unterberg

We are happy to introduce new member of our team and family! <3 Meet our young hope, “Quantum” Ixan Floyd les Trois Baisers. We are beyond grateful and proud for

Merry Christmas and all the best in 2017!

Vesel božič in srečno v letu 2017!  

Ajs Amadeus vom Weissen Unterberg passed B-BH exam

Those are moments which make us super proud! Another our “puppy” passed B-BH exam, big congratulations to Ajs and his best owners! ???? Now 3 out of 6 AA puppies

Bela passed IPO FPr3

One more successful exam behind Bela and Primož this year! Today they passed IPO FPr3, tracking exam with 85 points. SLO: Bela in Primož sta uspešno upravila še en izpit v

Puppy plan – spring 2017

Our puppy plan for spring 2017 is now official 😀 We are looking forward second generation of vom Weissen Unterberg Berger Blanc Suisses! 😀 It’s hard to describe how lucky

CACIB Lipica

Aries Ava VWU, puppy from our AA litter was with her owner on weekend international show CACIB Lipica. Although tough competition Ava show her best: CACIB Lipica I: 8.10.2016 Judge:

Special show Karlovac. CRO

Bela and her offspring make us proud again! On Sunday, 25. September, we were at 2nd Special show for Swiss White Shepherds in Karlovac, Croatia and here are results:– Olina Fliegeland:


Behind us is a weekend we will never forget. On Saturday Bela went to her first tracking competiton and she rock! She pass IPO FPr1 and due to Primož fault


“Vieno” Almost Angel vom Weissen Unterberg was shown in Ogre, Latvia today and with her last needed junior title become Latvian Junior Winner (LVJCH). Congratulation to her owner Katia (Tarita’s kennel)!