Litter DD

born on 23rd July 2017

♀Alfa Anu vom Weissen Unterberg
♂ Ley vom Altvilstal


– all puppies born without back dew claws
– all puppies were born with  great pigmentation, all noses black at birth
– puppies at birth weight between 475g and 570g

Pedigree name Sex Size HD ED Health Shows Sport Breeding
Divine Diamond vom Weissen Unterberg male 64cm/33kg A/A 0/0 MDR1 free, DM free, MH free, Back: free, DNA Vice Junior World Winner ’18, Dutch Youth Champion Stud dog: Living in Netherlands
Dreamer Deus vom Weissen Unterberg male 61cm/30kg A/B 0/0 MDR1 & DM, DNA JCh. SLO Agility, herding neutered living in Slovenia
Dain Diana vom Weissen Unterberg female 58cm/23kg A/A 0/0 MDR1&DM free by parents, DNA Excellent Agility In breeding, kennel vom Weissen Unterberg living in Slovenia
Diva Delilah vom Weissen Unterberg female c.59cm/25kg A/A 0/0 MDR1&DM free by parents 2x Very Promising Obedience neutered living in Slovenia


The main purpose of combination is to breed a sport/agile type of Berger Blanc Suisses who are suitable for different dog sports (obedience, tracking, IPO,…) and are at the same time great companions with stable character and good nervous (calm in all situations). 

Both parents are active dogs with great prey drive. A male is coming from well known German’s kennel “vom Altvilstal”. His pedigree is full of german working lines (Condor von der Hohensyburg, Aliena von White Princess, Fargo vom Landecker Amt, Biaggi vom Alexanderhof, Sly of White Mountain Austria). His character is one of the best in BBS world calm, relaxed, perfect companion, but at work he explodes.  He also has strong outer appearance; expressive, strong head, super pigmentation and proportional middle boned body. Another excellence is his snowy white long coat with super structure, which he pass to his offspring. He is highly motivated dog, always ready for work, he passed IPO3 exam at only 4 years of age.

The female is coming from our first litter (Gomer la Blankpapilio IPO3, FH1, ZVV3 X Olina Fliegeland IPO VO, IPO Fpr3, OB1). Alfa is middle sized (56cm), harmonious girl with excellent pigmentation (also dark brown eyes) and outstanding movement.  She is an amazing working dog with high prey drive. At age of 14 months she passed BH exam, followed by FCI OB1, RO1 and IPO FPr1. She is compiting in FCI Obedience in class 1 and preparing for class 2. Currently she is also in IPO1 training period. 

At home both dogs are calm, family dogs, loving kids and sharing kisses to evryone. Both are stable, no matter situation, gun-fire free.

Puppies will be suitable for breeding, show and family homes. We are looking for active people and families.


Glavni cilj kombinacije so zdravi mladički Švicarskih belih ovčarjev športne/agilne konstituacije in tako primerni za različne pasje športe (poslušnost, sledenje, IPO, agility,…). Hkrati iz kombinacije pričakujemo karakterno stabilne mladičke in odlične družabnike. 

Oba bodoča starša sta aktivna športna psa z dobrim plenskim nagonom. V domačem okolju sta oba psa mirna in stabilna družabnika, prijazna do otrok, ostalih živali.

Pričakujemo dolgodlake, snežno-bele mladičke z odlično pigmentacijo. Mladički bodo odlični družinski psi in hkrati primerni tako za kinološke športe kot psi terapevti. Iščemo posameznike in družine, ki si želijo aktivno preživljati čas s svojim psom.

Puppies DD diary
Amazing spring results for DiDi!

6 weekends in a row, 6 competitions, 2x 1st place A1, 1x 3rd place A2, all together 6 clean runs

DiDi did it again! 2nd place in agility A1

Her 4th agility competition and 4th time on the podium! ??

DiDi did it again! She is the Winner of Agility A0 in Lesce!

DiDi did it again! She is the winner of A0 Large Agility competition at ŠKD Lesce - Radovljica ???

Happy 5th Birthday to our DiDi and siblings!

Hey you, sweetest little doggo out there! Stay young & wild...

DiDi won Agility A0 in Naklo!

Woohoo, 1st place and 2 clean runs for DiDi today!

2nd place for DiDi in Agility

Yeey, 2nd place on our very first agility competition! Proud of my dream girl!

Happy 4th Birthday DD puppies!

Happy happy Birthday my sweet DiDi and all the best to all DD litter siblings! Really a dream litter! ? ????


Happy and super proud to see our puppies on the field! ??? Aljaž & Dreamer Deus VWU are regularly training shepherding!

Happy Birthday!

Happy 2nd Birthday Diva, Indi, Anakin & Deus!

Alfa has become grandmum for the very first time!

Divine Diamond VWU has become a father for the first time of eight puppies in the kennel Mighty Midget, Netherlands. Four females and four males were born on 25th of

Dreamer Deus VWU is a STUD dog

We have a new STUD dog in a family! ??? JCh. Dreamer Deus vom Weissen Unterberg has successfully passed the breeding exam yesterday. Our breeding club fell in love with

Divine Diamond VWU is a STUD!

Woohoo … ??? Divine Diamond vom Weissen Unterberg aka ‘Anakin’ has been approved and got his breeding license from RZWH (FCI). He is living in the Netherlands and is loved by

a DDream come true!

We always say there is no perfect litter, only hidden information. ? ? But every once in a while an exception makes the rules… ? From the very start we have called our DD

Proud breeder! DD litter has perfect health results!

Wuhuuu! We are proud breeders! ? Litter DD X-ray results (Alfa Anu VWU x Ley vom Altvilstal): – Dian Diana VWU: HD:A/A, ED:0/0 – Diva Delilah VWU: HD: A/A, ED: 0/0

Dreamer Deus VWU: New Junior Champion of Slovenia!

Guess what?! We have a new Junior Champion of Slovenia in family!  Dreamer Deus VWU, 13months of age, first 3 shows for him, 3x Excellent 1, 3x Junior Winner, 2x

Annual meeting of vom Weissen Unterberg family

Another year, another meeting, new memories made and lots of white kisses accept. We are blessed to call you a “family” <3

Dreamer Deus VWU, Junior Winner and BOS on his first show!

Rainy, but successful day! First show for Deus, but he handled it like a pro! No stress and with a smile on his face!  CAC Trbovlje, 26.8.2018: Dreamer Deus vom

2nd place on World Dog Show in Amsterdam for Divine Diamond vom Weissen Unterberg!

What a news from WORLD DOG SHOW AMSTERDAM!!! Our Dutch boy, Divine Diamond vom Weissen Unterberg aka “Anakin” won 2nd place in Junior Class!!!  We are both overjoyed and honoured

Divine Diamond VWU new Dutch Junior Champion!

Another show, another two wins for our Dutch boy Divine Diamond vom Weissen Unterberg aka Anakin! With only 11 moths of age he become new Dutch Junior Champion! Congratulations to

Very successsful weekend for our offspring!

Divine Diamond vom Weissen Unterberg aka Anakin achieved his very first BOB (best of breed) with only 10months of age on Sunday’s show!  He was 1 Excellent, CAC, Best male

DDream puppies growing up

Our DDream puppies are growing up to handsome girls and boys!? Till now we can be only very happy and proud how well they are doing! All 4 with very open

Anakin, safe trip and enjoy life in Netherland!

The D day has come.. Have a happy, long, joyful life full of love in the Netherlands our little treasure, Divine Diamond vom Weissen Unterberg aka “Anakin”! <3 We miss you

So confident and independent <3

Look at them, all grown up and ready for advantures of life! I’m so happy and proud to see them shine, so open, independent and selfconfident, but on the other

Week 3: They are just perfect.!

Our dream puppies are already 21 days old. Every time when we have puppies at home feels like time lose its mind. It just spin too fast. Every time I

Hello World  ♡

Hello World. Second week of our lives was full of new adventures! We opened eyes, did first little shaky steps and became quite vocal. We still eat and sleep a

One week young

Our DD puppies are already one week young! They are all growing and developing nicely, all doubled their birth weight. ENS program is in fully progress and all responding really

D a y  3

3rd day of puppies life. They are all growing nicely and all gained weight. Calm and peaceful athmosphere is still lasting and we really like it. Love them all. Pure

We have puppies <3

“You have to dream before your dreams can come true.” -A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Our dream DD litter was born yesterday, 23.7.2017: ? 2 girls & 2 boys ? It is

Alfa enjoys swimming

We are in last week of Alfa’s pregnancy. She is doing fine. Want to rest a little more, she calms down a bit, but short walks are still part of

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