Litter EE

born on 19th March 2018

♀Ch Olina Fliegeland IPO 1
♂ Ch Iron De l'Esprit du Sud IPO3


– born on 19th March 2018
– 5 boys, 5 girls
– all puppies born without back dew claws
– good pigmentation of nose, ears, lips, paws..
– strong suction reflex
– puppies at birth weight between 315g and 470g

Pedigree name Sex Size HD ED Health Shows Sport Breeding
Era Elonor vom Weissen Unterberg female 59cm/30kg A/A 0/0 MDR1 free, DM free, DNA Junior Winner, JBOB, BOB BBH in breeding, kennel vom Weissen Unterberg, SLO living in Slovenia
Everlasting Evelyn vom Weissen Unterberg female B/B 0/0 MDR1 free, DM carrier, LTV0, SP0, VA0
Obedience, tracking living in Finland, kennel Devoted One’s, Finland: living in Finland
Esmiralda Emilya vom Weissen Unterberg female free MDR1 free by parents Agility neutered living in Germany
Eiffel Evie vom Weissen Unterberg female A/B 0/0 MDR1 free by parents BBH, BGH1 living in Slovenia
Eleanor Elle vom Weissen Unterberg female B/B
*xrayed at age of 4.5 years
0/0 MDR1 free by parents BBH living in Slovenia
Eager Erick vom Weissen Unterberg male MDR1 free by parents living in Austria
Eddie Einstein vom Weissen Unterberg male D/D 0/0 Back: SW 0, MDR1 free, DM free tracking living in Germany
Ebelhalt Egon vom Weissen Unterberg male A/A 0/0 MDR1 free by parents BBH living in Slovenia
Earl Eliott vom Weissen Unterberg male B/B 0/0 MDR1 free by parents neutered living in Slovenia
Endless Echo vom Weissen Unterberg male MDR1 free by parents neutered living in Slovenia


The main purpose of combination is to breed a sport/agile type of Berger Blanc Suisses who are suitable for different dog sports (obedience, tracking, IPO,…) and are at the same time great companions with stable character and good nervous (calm in all situations). 

Both parents are active dogs with great prey drive. A male is coming from French kennel, but since puppy age he is living  in Czech kennel “Diavolcane“. . His character is one of the best in BBS world, such a sweet boy that is happy to meet every human being! He is full of energy, super active boy, but able to calm down when not working. He is super agile, small to middle sized male with nice outer appearance; expressive head, good pigmentation and proportional middle boned body. 

Mother of the EE litter is our Olina Fliegeland “Bela”. This will be her 3rd and might be also last litter. She is once in a lifetime dog. She already gave us 11  stable, healthy and beautiful puppies. All hers puppies are stable, without fears and are amazing companions.

Bela is quite big female (61 cm), but well propotional and harmonious girl. She has excellent pigmentation and outstanding movement that she pass to hers offspring.  She is an higly motivated working dog with high prey drive. She is first female BBS with IPO exam in Slovenia.

At home both dogs are calm, family dogs, loving kids and accepting other animals. Both are stable and gun-fire free.

Puppies will be suitable for active, family homes. With unique bloodlines combination and line breeding (5-3) on X-Dream Amaroq of White Mountain Austria SCHH3, IPO3, OPO3, this litter has great potential for breeding.  We are looking for active people and families where puppy will be accept as part of the family.


Glavni cilj kombinacije so zdravi mladički Švicarskih belih ovčarjev športne/agilne konstituacije in tako primerni za različne pasje športe (poslušnost, sledenje, IPO, agility,…). Hkrati iz kombinacije pričakujemo karakterno stabilne mladičke in odlične družabnike. 

Oba bodoča starša sta aktivna športna psa z dobrim plenskim nagonom. V domačem okolju sta oba psa mirna in stabilna družabnika, prijazna do otrok, ostalih živali.

Pričakujemo dolgodlake, snežno-bele mladičke z odlično pigmentacijo. Mladički bodo odlični družinski psi in hkrati primerni tako za kinološke športe kot psi terapevti. Iščemo posameznike in družine, ki si želijo aktivno preživljati čas s svojim psom.

Puppies EE diary
Eddie Einstein passed IFH-1 with 100/100 points!

Puppy from our EE litter, Eddie Einstein vom Weissen Unterberg and his owner Grit Oberländer has done IFH-1 with flying 100/100 scores!

2 more B-BH girls in family

Yesterday, Era Eleonor vom Weissen Unterberg & Eiffel Evie vom Weissen Unterberg passed the B-BH exam! Huge congrats!

B-BH done

Another puppy in vom Weissen Unterberg family with BH exam! Huge congrats to "Alt" Ebelhart Egon vom Weissen Unterberg and his owners! 

Era Eleonor VWU passed the breeding exam

This sweety passed her breeding exam today! Can't wait what future holds for her!


Second show for Era and she once again make us proud! Such a sweet character and a lovely personality she has! Congratulations to all winners! CACIB Bled 1, 22.6.2019 Era

CAC Hrušica

Yesterday was the very first show for our young hope Era Eleaonor VWU. ?It is a joy to see puppies growing up into such lovely adults who handle all kind of

Era is dysplasia free!

Over the moon to share the happy news!!! ? Era Eleonor vom Weissen Unterberg is dysplasia free: HD: A/A and ED: 0/0 ??

Happy 1st Birthday EE puppies! ??

Our little pupps are already 1 year old! Time flies so fast! Have a lovely b-day and enjoy your life to the fullest! :*  

Annual meeting of vom Weissen Unterberg family

Another year, another meeting, new memories made and lots of white kisses accept. We are blessed to call you a “family” <3

EE litter: final week

The D day has come! Time was running too fast again and for us is way to early to say good bye.. But puppies are ready, new owners excitedly waiting

EE puppies: Volhard test

On Monday puppies were 7 weeks old (49days). With 49 days of age the puppy is neurologically complete and it has the brain of an adult dog and this is

Almost 7 weeks old

Girls, 48 days old: pink, rosa, light rosa, violet, lilac Boys, 48 days old: green, yellow, dark blue, blue, light blue

EE litter: 6th week

Naughty but nice!  Our fluffy balls are growing and time is running like crazy!  I do not even know which day in the week it is! Puppies socialisation is in full

Here they are, day 2

All puppies are gaining weight and today we even manage to make their first portraits! Enjoy! 😀 //SLO:// Mladički pridno pijejo ter pridobivajo na teži 🙂 Današnji dan smo izkoristili 

We have puppies! <3

After long night that has extended to late morning we have 11 strong puppies! Yes, 11! 6 boys and 5 girls. After both US checks during Bela’s pregnancy we knew

41st day of Bela’s pregnancy

Although it is 41st day of Bela’s pregnancy, she is staying crazy and totally herself!  Just LOVE her energy! ❤️ And can’t wait to meet puppies! Tomorrow we have 2nd ultrasound check. Now

Happy day! We are expecting puppies in March <3

Hard to describe feelings.. happiness, relief, gratefulness, love <3 Now, official, we are expecting our EE litter in the middle of March! Keep fingers crossed!   // SLO: // Wiii

Keep fingers crossed!

Bela and Iron fell in love immediately! It was love on a first sight! Iron is such a friendly sweet boy who charms everyone and also Bela was impressed! He adores

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