Litter FF

born on 13th February

♀Alfa Anu vom Weissen Unterberg OB2, FPr1
(Ch. SLO Olina Fliegeland IPO 1, IPO FPr3, OB1 X Ch. CZ Gomer la Blankpapilio IPO3, FH2)
♂JCh. SLO 'Quantum' Ixan Floyd les Trois Baisers IGP3
(Zaina X Ch. White Wallentino z Chaty Leona)


– born on 13th February 2019
– 5 boys, 2 girls
– all puppies born without back dew claws
– good pigmentation
– strong suction reflex
– puppies at birth weight between 505g and 570g

Pedigree name Sex Size HD ED Health Shows Sport Breeding Others
Flying Free vom Weissen Unterberg female 60cm/28kg A/A 0/0 DM free by parents Excellent, JBOB Shepherding in breeding kennel Whiteline Czech: living in Czech Republic
Friendly Foxy vom Weissen Unterberg female c.25kg A 0 DM free by parents, Eyes: clear Assistance dog neutered linving in Slovenia
Faran Fly vom Weissen Unterberg male DM free by parents Agility A1 living in Switzerland
Fast Furious vom Weissen Unterberg male A/A 0/0 MDR1 carrier, DM free  Tracking Stud dog, kennel Le Mont de Sene, France:
† 8/2020 (accident)
living in France
Fearless Floyd vom Weissen Unterberg male c.30kg free free DM free by parents / Shepherding neutered living in Slovenia
Faraday Fjord vom Weissen Unterberg male A/A 0/0 DM free by parents Obedience neutered living in Slovenia
Finn Firefly vom Weissen Unterberg male 65cm, c.32kg A/A 0/0 DM free by parents BBH Stud dog, kennel vom Weissen Unterberg Slovenia living in Slovenia

You can follow Alfa’s pregnancy here.


The main purpose of the combination is to breed a character stable and open working type of White Swiss Shepherds who are suitable for all kind of dog sports (obedience, tracking, IPO, S&R,…) and are at the same time great companions with good nerves (calm in all situations & able to relax easily).
First time (and also last for quite some time) in our kennel both parents are at our home, so we are especially looking forward to meet little fighters!

Female Alfa Anu is coming from our first litter (Ch. Gomer la Blankpapilio IPO3, FH1, ZVV3 X Ch. Olina Fliegeland IPO 1, IPO Fpr3, OB1). Alfa is a middle-sized (56cm), a harmonious girl with excellent pigmentation (also very dark brown eyes) and outstanding movement – all offspring out of Olina Fliegeland has a fantastic gait.
Alfa is a very intelligent girl with a great working attitude – pleasing her handler is her biggest reward. She is a very self-confident dog with high prey drive. She learns quickly, loves shaping and offering behaviors.
Our main focus with her is on FCI Obedience – she is competing in FCI Obedience class 2 currently and preparing for class 3. We also do IPO tracking and tricks.
At the age of 14 months she passed her first exam – BH, followed by FCI OB1, RO1 and IPO FPr1.
Her first puppies are little more than 1.5 years old now (DD litter) and I can certainly say this our best litter so far. All four puppies are nicely built, without more significant deviations and even more importantly all 4 are very friendly, open, always “smiling” dogs with naughty eyes.

Father is our young male Quantum. Quantum is a very stable young male. He is at the same time a Therapy dog and in regular training for IPO2. And not to forget, since his puppyhood he is one of the best helpers and companion for our doggy guests at doggy pension Pasja Hiša, no matter the sex or age he loves them all and helps them feel like at home during their holidays with us.
Not very often to see the same dog doing all that, but a character like his is not very often to see, no matter the breed. He is a crazy worker, ball maniac and a dog who would jump from 3rd floor to catch the ball. And on the other hand he is very relaxed and easy going dog to live with. He has a great ability to relax and calm down during the day. In everyday life he is even lazy. He ADORES people all kind of people, no matter the sex or age. He has zero aggression in himself and he is also extremely friendly with other dogs.
He can be vocal sometimes – although he never barks in everyday life.

Both dogs are calm, family dogs, loving kids and sharing kisses to everyone. Both are stable, no matter situation, gun-fire free.

Puppies will be suitable for sport and family homes.

Puppies FF diary
New stud dog in family!

Finn Firefly vom Weissen Unterberg passed his breeding exam today!

Roxy became the Assistance dog!

Roxy and Gregor yesterday passed the last exam after more than a year of hard training and became the Assistance Dog! The very first White Swiss Shepherd Assistance Dog in Slovenia! ???♥️

Happy 1st Birthday!

Happy 1st Birthday Foxy, Fast, Fly, Fjord, Floyd, Frida, Fly! ???

We got names!

It is a busy week behind us! We daily visit new places, meeting different people & animals, learn new things and we drive a lot! We are extremely happy how


Already puppies can have good manners! Here is a little princess with less than 7 weeks and already nicely waiting for her food ? Of course the ability to stop

Week 5 & 6

From white polar bears to little fluffy shepherds, our puppies are growing up! It is almost a week since we travel around and explore new places daily. We love how

Let’s play

Puppies are 4.5 weeks old now. It is time when they learn and play a lot. And it is very important that puppies do not learn to interact only with

Four weeks of FLUFFINESS

When puppies are in the house, time really flies! If the first two weeks are all about cuddling and enjoying every moment with them, after week two the real work


Puppies are growing, the sight and hearing are now fully developed, their walking is more and more secure and they have tried the meet for the first time. And they

Two weeks of CUTENESS

Today is the day 15. Puppies are more and more active. Eyes are open, they already do a couple steps, wag the tail and can hear us a bit. They

One week of LOVE

Just speachless. Enjoying every moment with them.

Day 4

Puppies are gaining weight daily and growing nicely. Yesterday we have started with Bio Sensor program and we are pleased with their first responses. Of course they are still sleeping and

Valentine’s puppies <3

Here they are! Our “little” FFighters, Valentines puppies! ❤️ 5 boys and 2 girls, born on 13th February ? Thank you all involved for being there for us and believing

45th day and second US check

On Friday (45th day of pregnancy) Alfa had the second ultrasound check and we are blessed that everything looks good and all puppies are developing nicely! Also Alfa is doing fine,

First photos

First photos of our little “FFighters”! ? Can not wait to meet them in person! ❤️ Today is 33rd day of Alfa’s pregnency and she is doing great – staying active, playful and cuddly.

Pregnancy confirmed! Puppies expected on Valentine’s day <3

Wiii! The first milestone is here, the pregnancy is confirmed! Alfa and Quantum are expecting puppies on the Valentine’s day! The first litter with both parents at home makes it

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