Litter HH

born on 18th October 2021

♀Dain Diana vom Weissen Unterberg
(Alfa Anu vom Weissen Unterberg X Ley vom Altvilstal IPO3)
♂JCh. SLO 'Quantum' Ixan Floyd les Trois Baisers IGP3
(Zaina X Ch. White Wallentino z Chaty Leona)


– born on 18th October 2021
– C-section
– 1 boy, 1 girl
– good pigmentation
– strong suction reflex
– puppies at birth weight 395g and 520g

Pedigree name Sex Size HD ED Health Shows Sport Breeding Other
Happy Heart vom Weissen Unterberg male 30 kg free DM free by parents Obedience neutered living in Slovenia, cryptorchidism
Hip Hop vom Weissen Unterberg female 23,5 kg A/A 0/0 OCD: 0/0, 146 genetic disorders including MDR1, DM, HUU, PRA & CEA clear (feragen) SAR living in Slovenia


You can follow DiDi’s pregnancy here.


The main purpose of the combination is to breed a character stable, agile type of White Swiss Shepherds who are suitable for all kind of dog sports (agiliyt, IGP, obedience, tracking, S&R,…) and are at the same time great companions with good nerves (calm in all situations & able to relax easily).

Female DiDi is 3rd generation of our breeding (Alfa Anu vom Weissen Unterberg OB2, IPO Fpr1, Ro1 X Ley vom Altvilstal IPO3). She is one of the sweetest girls out there!

DiDI is a middle-sized (57 cm), harmonious girl with great pigmentation and outstanding movement. Her coat is a little shorter and pure white. She is a very intelligent girl with a great working attitude – pleasing her handler is her biggest reward and the tennis ball is her life. Our main focus with her is in agilty – she is preparing for first competitions.

Father is our male Quantum. Quantum is a very stable male. He is at the same time a Therapy dog and IGP3 dog. And not to forget, since his puppyhood he is one of the best helpers and companion for our doggy guests at doggy pension Pasja Hiša, no matter the sex or age he loves them all and helps them feel like at home during their holidays with us.
Not very often to see the same dog doing all that, but a character like his is not very often to see, no matter the breed. He is a crazy worker, ball maniac and a dog who would jump from 3rd floor to catch the ball. And on the other hand he is very relaxed and easy going dog to live with. He has a great ability to relax and calm down during the day. In everyday life he is even lazy. He ADORES people all kind of people, no matter the sex or age. He has zero aggression in himself and he is also extremely friendly with other dogs.
He can be vocal sometimes – although he never barks in everyday life.

Both dogs are calm, family dogs, loving kids and sharing kisses to everyone. Both are stable, no matter situation, gun-fire free.

The combination is very similar to our FF litter, which was a great success – a very first WSS assisten dog and many successful sport dogs (herding, agility, tracking).

Puppies HH diary
8 weeks old

Have a long, happy life Sky & Billie!

4 weeks old

Hello world, we are 4 weeks old.

Little explorers

We can see and hear you know!

Hello there!

Our twins did some growing.

First portraits

First few days are always challenging with newborn puppies. You never know what might happen...

Hello, a baby girl and a baby boy!

It was a hell of a journey to meet you, but hopefully, our days will be more peaceful now!

Oh, puppies!

Puppies are on their way!

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