Litter II

11th April 2022

♀Alfa Anu vom Weissen Unterberg OB2, FPr1
(Ch. SLO Olina Fliegeland IPO 1, IPO FPr3, OB1 X Ch. CZ Gomer la Blankpapilio IPO3, FH2)
♂ Aris Blanco Amafren
(FRENNY od Kunovského lesa X Ch. Apollo z Nového Malína BH)


– born on 11th April 2022
– 1 boy, 4 girls
– all puppies born without back dew claws
– good pigmentation
– strong suction reflex
– puppies at birth weight between 410g and 470g

Pedigree name Sex Size HD ED Health Shows Sport Breeding Others

Itsy Iota vom Weissen Unterberg

female A/A 0/0 OCD: 0/0, DM & MDR1 free by parents

Indie Inna vom Weissen Unterberg

female A/A 0/0 OCD: 0/0, DM & MDR1 free by parents

Izie Ira vom Weissen Unterberg

female A/A 0/0 OCD: 0/0, DM & MDR1 free by parents

Irelee Iris vom Weissen Unterberg

female A/A 0/0 OCD: 0/0, DM & MDR1 free by parents

Imperial Ice vom Weissen Unterberg

male A/A 0/0 OCD: 0/0, DM & MDR1 free by parents B-BH

You can follow Alfa’s pregnancy here.


The main purpose of the combination is to breed a character stable and open agile type of White Swiss Shepherds who are suitable for all kind of dog sports (agility, obedience, tracking, S&R,…) and are at the same time great companions.

Female Alfa Anu is coming from our first litter (Ch. Gomer la Blankpapilio IPO3, FH1, ZVV3 X Ch. Olina Fliegeland IPO 1, IPO Fpr3, OB1). Alfa is a middle-sized (56cm), a harmonious girl with excellent pigmentation (also very dark brown eyes) and outstanding movement – all offspring out of Olina Fliegeland has a fantastic gait.
Alfa is a very intelligent girl with a great working attitude – pleasing her handler is her biggest reward. She is a very self-confident dog with high prey drive. She learns quickly, loves shaping and offering behaviors.
Our main focus with her is on FCI Obedience – she is competing in FCI Obedience class 2. We also do IPO tracking and tricks.
At the age of 14 months she passed her first exam – BH, followed by FCI OB1, RO1 and IPO FPr1.
Her first puppies are 5.5 years old now (DD litter) and her second litter (FF litter) has just celebrated their 3td Brithday in February. You can see their health and other results under their litter pages.

Father is Aris Blanco Amafren, a sporty male coming from Czech Republic. He is living in a family with two small kids and another male dog, a black German shepherd. With his owner they are focusing on tracking, he has just done FPr 3 exam with flying scores.
He has an athletic body and an amazing mind. Great on/off switch with crazy drives (he LOVEs ball) outside and very calm inside the house. He loves people all kinds of people, no matter their sex or age.

Both dogs are calm, family dogs, loving kids and sharing kisses to everyone. Both are stable, no matter situation, gun-fire free.

We expect middle-sized, agile dogs with medium-length coat. Puppies will be suitable for sport and family homes.

Puppies II news
Iota made us super proud!

After a busy weekend it is time for another great news!

Cheers to results like that!

All 5 puppies from our II litter are HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD 0/0

Happy 1st Birthday Iota, Ice, Inna, Ira & Snow!

Happy !st Birthday to our II-puppies!

Week 6 & 7

Litter II weekly update

Week 4 & 5

Litter II weekly update

Week 2

Puppies are getting bigger and bigger!

Hello puppies

4 girls and a boy were born on Monday afternoon!

Alfa’s belly is growing

It is not a secret that we are counting days to meet the little ones! If you want to follow puppies' development too you are warmly welcomed to Alfa's pregnancy diary

We are expecting puppies!

A hope, a miracle of life, the little paws for a better, happier, more peaceful world. ♥️? Puppies, we can not wait to meet you!

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