Puppy program

Delo z mladički

Aim of our work

Cilj dela z mladički

The aim of our work with puppies is to give them the best start in life possible. While puppies learn a lot from their mother and later on from dogs in a pack, we make sure our adults are great role models to puppies. Also, our family dynamic has a big impact on puppies. Did you know you can never ever later in a dog’s life replace the connection that a puppy builds with a human within the first weeks? Puppies have to meet different people before they develop fear (around week 5). Researches show that missed 1on1 connection with a human in this period of a puppy’s life can not be replaced later on. And we take it very seriously! Each puppy gets a daily dose of 1on1 time with us, full of handling and cuddling, as well from kids and visitors (of course always under our monitoring).

With carefully selected activities we encourage puppies to be independent, fast and high on drives. We make sure they are cool with different sounds (gunfire, thunder, fireworks, hairy dryer, airplane, vacuum cleaner…), familiar with people, kids and tolerant to other animals. 

Our puppy program by weeks

Delo z mladički po tednih

  • ENS Program: day 3 – 16
  • Weighting and handling 1on1, 2 times daily; morning & evening
  • Classical music & radio plays daily
  • First time clipping nails and deworming
  • Cuddling 1on1 and learning to relax also while laying in the back
  • Surrounded and handled by kids and people of all ages from day 1 on
  • Surrounded by well-behaved, adult family dogs from day 1 on

Our puppies are born and raised inside, in our living room, surrounded by a family environment and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. As well as adults, also puppies are part of our family.

Our puppy program starts with “Ens Program” which provides early stimulation of the brains and nervous system. It has a huge positive effect in dog’s adulthood, such as reduced sensitivity to stress and external factors, greater disease resistance, positive effects on the heart and circulatory system ( Dr. Carmen L Battaglia, https://www.breedingbetterdogs.com/article/early-neurological-stimulation ). 

  • Weighting once a day
  • Playing different sounds while eating: fireworks, gunfire, plane, train,…
  • 1on1 time with each puppy daily: handling, cuddling, lifting, learning to relax and calm down
  • Introducing first toys and objects into the whelping box
  • Introducing new surfaces, balance boards into the whelping box
  • Start eating solid food – BARF
  • Get a bigger place – a playroom full of different surfaces, toys, obstacles, tunnels
  • Exploring the outside world – our garden full of stimulations for the best development of puppies
  • Crate training
  • Playing different sounds while eating: fireworks, gunfire, plane, train, vacuum cleaner,…
  • 1on1 time with each puppy daily: handling, cuddling, lifting, learning to relax and calm down
  • 1on1 work with puppy, building food and toy motivation
  • Meeting new kids and people of different age and sizes daily
  • Meeting unknown, well behaved dogs
  • 2nd and 3rd deworming and nails clipping
  • Introduced to grooming: bathing, air drying, being on the table, brushing
  • First car trip at the end of week 5

. . .

Our socialization and work with puppies is based on fun engagement and focus excercises. Since 6 weeks of age we take our puppies places often and they are used of driving with car. We visit city and city bustle, airport, railway station, vet, groomer,… Puppies who leaves us with 9 weeks are confident and playful representers of the breed.

9. - 16. week

Puppy Academy

Puppy Academy continue all started and bust puppy’s self image and their cooperation with man. Great focus of our work with puppies aged 9.-15.weeks is encouraging independent thinking and offering behaviour. Again, it all based on play and having fun. More about our Puppy Academy please read here.

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