Puppy Academy

Puppy Academy

9. - 15. weeks

Aim of our work is to give our puppies best start in life we can give. 

From the day puppies are born we follow carefully selected activities and encourage puppies to be independent, playful and  confident representers of the breed.

Puppy Academy continue all started and bust puppy’s self image and their cooperation with man. Great focus of our work with puppies aged 9.-15.weeks is encouraging independent thinking and offering behaviour. Again, it all based on play and having fun. 

Our Puppy Academy is designed for foreign puppy owners whose puppy needs to stay longer due to law, and all other families and specially for first time puppy’s owners who would like to get a puppy with great start and basic obedience knowleadge (recall, sit, down, wait, walk on leash, crate training, potty training, …). 

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With our Puppy Academy transition for the puppy to new home will be easier and time for you and your family more pleasant. Dogs are part of our family, as well puppies. Also during Puppy Academy puppy will be first part of our family and beloved friend who will live with us in family environment. 

Puppy is during Puppy Academy potty trained and learns to potty on command, crate trained and learns basic obedience (walk on a leash, recall, sit, down, wait). We teach them nice manners (not to jump on people, bite hands, feet or clothes, …). And the most important, during the most important window of time for a puppy’s social development, puppy will be well socialized, will meet many different people, kids, dogs and different animals and will be in our experienced hands.

. . .

Each puppy is an unique individual, so we adapt our work with puppies to each and every one. Also future puppy owner is very important for us! That is why we adapt our program and list of skills puppy learns in Puppy Academy to puppy’s owner wishes.

 Only limited spots at the same time are available.

Basic list of skills we learn during Puppy Academy: 

  • socialization (different people, kids, dogs, animals)
  • potty training / potty on command
  • crate training
  • nice manners (not to jump on people, bite hands, feet or clothes)
  • recall
  • walk on leash
  • sit
  • down
  • wait
  • to be groomed
  • ride in a car
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